The People of Venezuela are Crying Out for Help and the Protests Increase

Food riots and violent looting are now a daily occurrence across the crumbling country of Venezuela. The struggling leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro is having trouble controlling the crowds, which consist of common people, looking for food by day, and the looting gangs who come out to loot the stores and warehouses after sunset.
La Facebook news reported this morning, that the police were actively holding back over 200 people who were trying to get into a supermarket. One by one they were allowed to enter, and they came out with two bags of pasta, that was it. On the side of the road, an elderly woman cried in the midst of the chaos, and another fainted because of the heat and having no food.

Venezuelans likeĀ Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa are angry, scared, hungry and they feel alone. The government is doing very little in the way of supporting its citizens, when, in the past, they were proud of their social welfare programs. The Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict announced that a quarter of the 641 protests last month were for food, and every month the number increases.

The economy has been deteriorating rapidly since Chavez died, and Maduro took office three years ago. The people loved Chavez even though the U.S. and many other countries found him difficult, but the poor in his country liked him. The locals blame the government of Madura and the state-led economic system for this crash.