Merging Business and Spirituality: Joseph Bismark


In a business world where only the best thrive, Joseph Bismark has carved himself as one of the most influential leaders through his concept of merging spirituality and the business world. Bismark has consistently advocated for business strategies that are adopted to include the capacity to make the life of other people better and to have meaning. Perhaps this can be best illustrated in how he handles those who have had the honor to work under him and alongside him. He has endeared himself to everyone through his unique state and guidance. This has seen him achieve a number of notable contributions in the business world and earned him the reputation of one of a kind that achieves success in a manner that is distinguished.
Having left the comforts of his home at the young age of nine, Joseph began a journey that would teach him the values of spirituality in the Philippine mountains. He spent a significant amount of time at this point in building up his spiritual world. On entering the spiritual world, Bismark started applying the skills and the experience that he had learned in the mountains at ashram. On assuming the position and title of Managing Director at the QI Group of companies, he has managed to transform the group into one of the most profitable and admirable brands in the business and corporate world. This has been largely attributed to the spirituality and sense of integrity that he brings in the business.
However, the most illuminating feature of Joseph Bismark’s merging of spirituality and business is the way he has managed to handle success. He has remained humble through the entire journey and has instead embarked on a mission to ensure that the teachings are imparted on other members. Joseph understands and appreciates the strong value of growing with other people and has embraced a strategy that welcomes the ideas and opinions of others in to the running of the business for the greater good. All this is managed with the primary objective of ensuring that inclusive growth is achieved and all this with the right and proper strategies.
His basic and simple lifestyle has seen his taste the highest echelons of success while still maintain his humble demeanor and the values that he learned while maintain the virtues that he harbored. As a forward thinker, he has always treated the employees of the group with a deep sense of respect and at the same time encourages them to grow through a sense of brotherhood. Further to this, Bismark has consistently held the belief that one of the most important features in life is to be spiritual and to maintain the basic virtues of life.

Joseph Bismark’s Visionary Philosophy

Joseph Bismark, a Filipino native is the Co-Founder of the QI Group team and is currently the Group Managing Director since 2008. His diverse skills and an extensive background in marketing/business development, innovation and corporate affairs have made the multimillion dollar conglomerate reached international status with representatives and offices worldwide.

He is an exemplary leader of QI and his superior service has been a driving force of the company’s success. When he was 9 years old, Bismark left a comfortable home life to become a monk, he later left the monastery at age 17 and has been sharing his wisdom with society ever since. He helps to change lives and society and embraces his philosophical beliefs. His skills range from bonsai to martial arts to instructing yoga.

He’s a forward thinker with a positive attitude towards life and self-growth. He has become a source of inspiration to millions around the world. His actions and views constantly reflect his early life experiences and show us that success is not measured solely by material achievements but also by spiritual awakening, inner peace and meaningful selfless service. Joseph Bismark continues to influence the masses around him through his blogs “Gems on Wisdom”, and has changed the lives of millions.

He leads a simple life with devotion and quite content with what he’s accomplished. He has a positive attitude towards life and self-growth and continues to selflessly commit to educate society about the value of achieving inner peace and self-growth.

Under a stressful and competitive environment, little attention is given to everyday living virtues like spirituality, peace of mind, harmonious working relationship and a feeling of brotherhood. For this reason, Bismark greatly believes spirituality and business are all intertwined. Joseph Bismark philosophy is to stay humble and grounded, no matter how powerful you are. This path is what he says “shaped” him. He has learned that money goes and comes. Spirituality is the only thing which will last.

What the business world lacks is spirituality. The idea is to connect with something greater then yourself. As people, we are taught to believe you need to sell your soul to make it in the corporate world. It doesn’t have to be this way.
“What may appear an obstacle for many is an opportunity for a leader” sums up his visionary business philosophy.