The 2nd International Online Friendship Day and Survey Results

The second annual International Online Friendship Day is right around the corner. This is the day that has been set aside for those who participate in social media or active emailing and like to recognize the friends that they have made online. Antone who has friends online that they may never meet in person know how important these relationships are in their lives. In this year 2016, the Internet connects the world, and the friends that are made online are just as real as those in the brick and mortar world, and Online Friendship Day is the day to officially celebrate these friends.

The global app that spearheads internet relationships is SKOUT, and this app is designed to help the user meet people around the world easily. In today’s culture, technology makes the world go ’round, and no one wants to be left out. No longer is it an option not to have a computer, cell phone or other electronic equipment. When you use these every day, you can’t help but meet people participating on the same websites with the same interests as you. Friendships are developed that are significant to both parties.

Many people rely on those they meet and know online, and SKOUT is a great app to build relationships. CEO and co-founder of SKOUT is Christian Wiklund. Mr. Wiklund created SKOUT to allow its users to connect with friends across the globe, and better yet, to keep in touch with them.

This year Skout International created an online friendship survey in honor of the new annual holiday. With over 600 million connections in 2015, they contacted 23,000 people around the world for the survey. Some of the information that was discovered includes:

1) three out of four people who use the Internet have an online friend that they don’t know in person.
2) Most people surveyed have at least five online friends, and 80 percent would like to meet them in real life.
3) Three-fifths of Americans surveyed say they have at least five online friends, and two-thirds report they have over 10 all across the globe.
4) Over half of the Americans surveyed say they have friends online who live in another country.
5) The mobile or cell phone is the most common means of communication, and at least 60 percent report that they communicate daily with their online friends.

Contact your online friends on International Online Friendship Day.

The Evolution of Social Apps

The world of social media and social media apps has changed a lot in the last several years. There is always some new site that teenagers are getting connected to just as soon as they are getting bored with another site. This is why it is always a challenge for parents to put what what their kids are actually into and concerns to apps and social media. It is always a good ideal to simply check to text Block and talk with teens about what is popular. This is really only way that parents can stay engaged with what their kids are actually doing online. Parents will be surprised about what they can learn from their children about social media apps.

One thing that has become very be in recent months is way up string. Kids are ditching their portable storage devices and buying cloud account that allow them to store everything online. The others are embracing the web streaming community of apps like Netflix and Amazon. These are apps that allow them to sign up for annual memberships in which they have access to just about everything that is being released in the entertainment world. There are some artists like Taylor Swift Annadelle that I have been against the web streaming outlets, but this is very limited. And time most artists will have to embrace this concept if they are going to connect with your Fanbase.

There are also other social media apps like scout that have become very popular in the last year. This is a app that has become more popular now that many of the teens are spreading out and leaving Facebook. At one time Facebook was one of the most popular apps in the world were more than 1 billion users. Today it has become something that has confuse more so by adults. In many cases want adults discover websites it officially becomes a website that teens are no longer interested in.

There are millions of users on Skout but the main difference may be that it is a site that has become used by young adults and teens all over the world. It is still a fairly new site to meet people so that is why it continues to gain popularity. Many people have chosen to use the scouts like to connect with local friends and meet new friends in different cities that they may be traveling to.

Skout has also become the site that many people use when they are interested in finding random people that they can hold conversations with. This is become very popular in recent years as more smart device uses surface and style were the Internet for free apps.