Education Is An Investment Key For Paul Mampilly

One of Wall Street’s best known hedge fund manager’s, Paul Mampilly, is now looking to bring his own range of skills to the attention of the public as he has begun an education program for investors to follow. In association with Banyan Hill publishing house, Mampilly is bringing his own skills as an investment specialist the a group of subscribers who have the chance to follow 13 current open investments they can invest in through their own brokerage network; the impressive results Paul Mampilly offers his followers currently see 11 of the 13 investments he has recommended in profit, some by as much as 160 percent up on their opening price.


Paul Mampilly hopes the subscribers who follow his tips through Banyon Hill have the chance to learn just why he feels each stock chosen has been identified as a standout for the future. Through his Banyon Hill subscription base Mampilly hopes to make sure the investors who choose to invest on his advice have the basic level of education and experience to identify just why he has made a specific choice in stock recommendations.

The career of Paul Mampilly has seen him work within the financial industry for more than a quarter of a century as he has employed his skills in investing to work in various areas of finance. Mampilly has managed hedge funds at the highest levels of the financial industry at Deutsche Bank and ING, including those worth $23 billion and $6 billion.

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For most financial investors and specialists the work of Paul Mampilly came to the fore in 2008 when the global financial crisis had hit its worst and the Templeton Foundation challenged investment specialists to make a profit on a $50 million investment fund; Mampilly won the contest by turning $50 million into $86 million.