Fresh Pet Food Is The New Craze

Have you ever thought about sampling some of your dog’s food? Yeah, me either. However Richard Thompson, CEO of Freshpet, a small, homegrown dog food manufacturer located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was up for the challenge. Both Thompson and Freshpet’s Manufacturing Chief, Michael Hieger have no reservations when it comes to sampling what they consider to be dog food delicacies. They want to prove to pet owners that they are using only the finest and wholesome ingredients when it comes to manufacturing fresh and tasty dog food.
The newest craze in prepared cat and dog foods is to provide something so fresh, it tastes like it came directly off of your kitchen table and into your pets dish. An idea so riveting that consumers have jumped on the bandwagon and helped these companies become increasingly popular. Fresh food alternatives have created an interesting Facebook challenge to traditional dog food manufacturers. They have to pay particularly close attention to their ingredients and revamp recipes just to compete.
While feeding your pet’s fresh “human-like” food might be all of the rage, there are some serious setbacks owners should consider. For one and probably the most crucial, this stuff is expensive. For a pet owner, the price of the fresh food really doesn’t add up to being economical. Therefore, pet owners are still searching for alternatives that provide a fresh food experience for half the cost. That is where Beneful comes in. They have made significant strides to compete in the fresh food market. Very recently, they purchased Merrick Pet Care, a certified plant-based manufacturer of both wet and dry dog food. The acquisition of Merrick Pet Care has proved to be a strategic move for the pet food mogul as they move into the fresh food market.
Beneful has proven to be a dominant figure in the pet food industry. The company itself is made up knowledgeable nutritionists and quality control fanatics to ensure the product that ends up in your dog’s dish meets your standards. Employees at Beneful may not eat the food but they are committed to providing nutritional food that will empower your pet’s physical and emotional health.