Purina and Beneful Brand Dog Foods

Purina is a name you can trust. Their brand of dog foods is some of the best available on the market today. They have been in the business of feeding pets since 1894 back when the company was called Ralston-Purina. Nestle bought the company in 2001 which at the time they were the other big name in pet foods. Purina cat chow and Purina dog chow though go all the way back to when the company started. They have been providing nutritious meals for our four-legged friends both canine and feline for many of decades. Purina brands of dry dog foods and wet foods are some of the most nutritious ones available today for your pets. Purina dog foods come in many different varieties and flavors.

Dry Dog Foods
The brands of dry dog food offered by Purina include Purina One, Purina Beyond, Purina Beneful, Purina Dog Chow and Purina Alpo. These are the major brands that are carried by thousands of major retailers nationwide. They also offer some brands that are web exclusives or Pet Specialty Exclusives through their website. These brands include Purina Pro Plan and the Just Right by Purina brands. The majority of these lines of dog foods offer varieties for different size dogs and their different nutritional needs.

The Purina Beneful Brand Dog Food
One of the most popular brands of Purina dog food is the Purina Beneful brand of dog food. Beneful offers varieties that include chicken, pork, lamb or beef as the main source of protein. This brand features accents including barley, rice, green beans and carrots. This brand of dog foods offers 20 different wholesome varieties ranging from small and juicy edible bites for smaller dogs and larger hearty chunks for larger dogs. All of these varieties offer some of the most wholesome and real ingredients found within dog foods today. The Beneful brand on samsclub includes wet dog food, dry dog food and even dog treats.

Wet Foods by Purina
The brands of wet food offered by Purina include all of the same lines of dry dog food that they offer and a few additional ones. Their wet line of dog food also includes Purina Mighty Dog and Purina Moist and Meaty brands. Both of these additional names are also offered in most major retailers and contain the same great nutritional ingredients that Purina brands are known and trusted for.

At Purina, They Love Pets
They love pets so much at Purina; it is even a pet-friendly work environment. Everyone that works at Purina is a pet person, and they care about the health and well-being of your pet as much as you do. That is why they are dedicated to providing the best for your dog. After all, a happy and healthy dog starts with the nutrition they receive.

The Road to Better Pet Care Starts with Beneful

When I got my dog I didn’t think a whole lot about general pet care. I knew that there were times when I would have to take this dog to the vet, but that I never really thought much about what my dog ate. I gave him some generic dog food but one day I noticed that he wasn’t really interested in it anymore. This sent me out on a hunt for something else. That is how I discovered on facebook, Beneful. I was in a hurry so I picked the first thing I saw.

In time I would return to the pet store for more dog food. I actually could not remember the specific flavor that I had picked up before. This is when I noticed that there were a bunch of different flavors on the market from Beneful. I could not believe all the different types that were available. I was so impressed with all the choices. That night I got home and went to the Beneful website. I saw different types of information about food for puppies. I saw information about vegetable medleys and the nutrition value that Beneful was providing. I just could not believe that I had not be informed about this brand before. It was a huge change from the generic food that I was buying for my dog. As the months rolled on my dog seemed to look forward to trying the new selections that I would bring home. I used to only buy the dry dog food, but with Beneful I found options with both dry and wet pet food. It was amazing to have so many things to choose from.

I was even able to acquire some food that was considered healthy for the weight of the dog. It was just surprising to see that the producers of this dog food has considered everything. That may be what has helped me remain loyal to Beneful. This company really seems to have a lock on what dogs like because the creators of the food probably have dogs. I think that this company has been doing a great job, and I will continue to show my support. The company has been around for a long time. I am certain that their longevity has a lot to do with the creativity.

Beneful even produces dog treats. I knew about pet food in terms of meals, but I guess I never considered the fact that dogs might get a little hungry in between meals. I was pleased to know that there were snacks available through the Beneful brand. This has been a real treat for my dog. I don’t know how similar the flavors are to what humans consume, but he really adores the bacon and peanut butter treats. These treats have the added advantage of being food for healthy teeth. I like this because maintaining the health of a dog can be as expensive as a human. Any food that aids in promoting health is great.