Understanding The Role Of The SEC Whistleblower Advocate In Curbing Violations

Cases of securities violations are global and may happen in an institution of any stature. Before 2010 when the Consumer Protection Act was reviewed, whistleblowers did not have sufficient power and capabilities to report and deal with securities violations. Many were the cases that went unreported and those that were addressed did not fully cover the requisite measures that would completely eliminate discrepancies in reporting.

The SEC Whistleblower Attorney has come in as an essential player in ensuring cases of securities violations are handled swiftly and better. The legal team that makes up Labaton Sucharow has worked as an affiliate to the SEC Whistleblower Program and has been instrumental in its role of assisting whistleblowers access their benefits through the SEC.

Advocating for the rights of whistleblowers
Labaton Sucharow is a pioneer of the rights of whistleblowers and has been active in this resolve since 2010 when the SEC Whistleblower Program was incepted. Some of the issues that have come up while working to help whistleblowers include their rights and capabilities while reporting securities violations.

The scope of their operation also covers the content of the reports submitted for review to the SEC. Essentially, the SEC Whistleblower Attorney helps whistleblowers to understand what they are dealing with and reviews the validity of the contents of the reports presented.

It is true that some individuals may see an opportunity in reporting to the SEC because there is a package that whistleblowers are given as appreciation for their honest effort to help in the fight against securities violations. Therefore, the SEC Whistleblower Attorney steps in to ensure the information presented contains facts and not fabrications that are meant to falsely accuse another party.

Constructing strategies for disclosure
Every whistleblower hopes to minimize the possibility of retaliation while increasing the monetary rewards the report may earn. This is an area the SEC Whistleblower Attorney has looked into and the main issue has been ensuring the whistleblowers are protected from retaliation that may emanate from the perpetrators of securities violations.

To make this possible, the SEC Whistleblower Attorney comes up with effective disclosure strategies that help to protect the whistleblower. They also review the case and advice about the things the whistleblower should consider to make the case more plausible and worth a higher reward. The legal team also makes effort to see whether there is a hidden personal objective the whistleblower could be having against another party.

An SEC Whistleblower Attorney Offers Clients Important Protections

The market today is one in which employees must be free to expose corruption whenever they find it. They need to make the appropriate authorities aware of problems that might exist where they work. This is not always an easy task. Any given person may have fears. Such fears may include the fact that they lack enough evidence to back up their claims as well as their fears that doing so can cost them monetarily in some way. They may also be afraid that the decision to speak out is one in which people may not believe them even as they know they are telling the truth.

Offering Protections

It is with the understanding in mind that Congress have seen fit to pass legislation that is designed to protect those who offer testimony that is accurate and correct. The task of protecting whistleblowers from any sort of retaliation for their decision to speak out is not always an easy one. Much debate has taken place over exactly how to do this. Those in Congress have settled on a variety of measures that are designed to help provide protections of all kinds for anyone today who can move forward and help expose possible corruption of any kind.

Legal Assistance

Law firms have also moved forward as well. One law firm that has seen fit to start a program specifically based around defending those who call attention to such problems is the law firm of Labaton Sucharow. Those at this firm have come to the realization of the immense importance of offering a specific program that is all about bringing a legal umbrella for their clients. They have rushed in with a truly unique program that is about giving people who act as whistleblowers the opportunity to get all necessary legal protections for their actions. This one of a kind program offers much to their clients who have chosen to participate.

True Help

Such legal help can also offer participants get the chance to enjoy enormous potential financial rewards. Under present day mandates, people who are able to call attention to such wrongdoing can qualify for potentially large financial rewards. Such rewards are applicable if the person has helped expose serious misuse of funds where they work. The person who is calling attention to it can qualify for thousands of dollars in reward money for having helped the government uncover this problem.

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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Protects Whistleblowers

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform was part of the Consumer Protection Act that took place in 2010. It was one of the biggest overhauls to the country’s financial regulation since the Great Depression. As part of the new guidelines, the act now has a whistleblower program that offers employees protection and also incentives if they report any violations of federal security laws. The violations must be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. Employees are protected and feel safety when they report these offenses.

There are not many firms around the country that dedicate their focus to “whistleblowers,” however, Labaton Sucharow was the first firm to step out and make his focus about this delicate part of the historic legislation. His goal is to advocate and protect anyone labeled as a SEC whistleblower. The firm is built on a market-leading securities litigation platform. Adding the Whistleblower Representation Practice section to the firm gives the firm another level of expertise. They have a whole team of in-house investigators that have world-class knowledge of the matter. Added to that group are financial analysts as well as forensic accountants.

Also important to have on staff are police officers and law enforcement professionals who are well equipped and able to provide representation. Currently, the firm is being led by Jordan Thomas. He was the director of the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel, which was a division of the SEC’s enforcement department. He played a large role in developing this program while at the SEC. Who better to help those who fall into the whistleblower category than one who was helpful in its inceptions.

Any monetary sanctions that the SEC collects from the tips received from the whistleblowers will be shared. According to the rules, 10-30 percent of all money will be split, not to exceed $1 million. There are additional awards based on the amount collected that may also be given. Employers who are reported by employees cannot retaliate in any way, the Dodd-Frank Act prohibits such behavior. Security violations can also be reported by a whistleblower if they have an attorney representing them.

Those who want to learn more about the whistleblower team can call or send an email for an appointment. A consultation, along with a case evaluation is free. Though it is asked that personally identifying information be kept silent during the initial meeting. Those who need translation services will also find that the firm is more than accommodating.

SEC Whistleblower Advocates Instilling Honesty and Positive Business Practices

Securities violation and business practices that are not in line with the demands of ethics should be reported to help prosecute those caught in the unfair practices. SEC Whistleblower lawyers are leaders in the industry and have availed facilities that will help reveal the truth about different businesses. Some of the areas they are working on cleaning is business practices that tend to falsify information either for tax evasion or to confuse buyers. Under the whistle-blowers program, there will be a secure system that looks into information reported about the violations made by different businesses and individuals.

Monetary awards to whistleblowers
Whistle blowing is a complex task that also carries risks, so those who successfully submit truthful information highlighting violations that should be looked into will be honored and awarded. SEC Whistleblower Advocates program offers monetary compensation depending on the significance of the details submitted as well as delays encountered before submitting data to the organization. Those who offer timely and relevant information are likely to receive higher compensation.

Whistle-blowers will be paid 10 – 30 percent of the total monetary sanctions received from SEC enforcement. Once this threshold is met, the whistle-blower may also receive additional awards depending on the sanctions placed on related actions by law enforcement organizations and regulatory bodies.

Thought leadership
To help develop the system, the SEC Whistleblower Program invites thought leaders, who come from different industries and the academia to engage in conversations that lead to formulation of policies that help to protect the industry against unfair practices. All the materials found useful are assembled and updated online for reference.

Expanding internationally
The fact that the economy is global also means securities fraud is not limited to one geographical region. Companies have opened branches in different countries and although there are regulations in every country, this may not be enough to guarantee completely fair practices. If it is revealed that a company operating in a different country but based in the U.S. has violated certain regulations, the same laws applicable in the U.S. will be used to charge the company. It does not matter where the whistle-blower comes from. What is most important is whether the information provided is factual.

In this program, companies will be required to embed a positive culture and truthfulness in their DNA. Doing so will allow like-minded employees to join the companies and the business environment will be cleared of obstacles.

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Getting Legal Help When Dividing Assets

Many marriages are ending in separation and divorce. This means that more and more people are trying to figure out how to divide their assets. The very best thing that a person can do in this situation is get help from attorneys in New York City, like Ross Abelow. He has years of experience helping individuals who are facing a divorce, particularly when it comes to dividing their assets and taking steps that not only helps them to protect their assets now, but also help them to protect their assets in the future.

When a couple decides to separate or divorce, they may decide to transfer cash or property on just a handshake. However, there are a whole lot of disadvantages to doing this. When a couple decides to separate or divorce in a relatively friendly manner, they may feel like they can trust each other. And while it is true that some individuals may never go against their agreement, there is no guarantee that at some point in the future they may not try to come back and get cash or property that was simply agreed upon in a handshake. Also, a handshake agreement does not satisfy the requirements of the Family Law Act. It is extremely important for divorcing or separating couple to formalize their agreement.

When it comes to formalizing an agreement on assets, getting the help of a qualified attorney like Ross Abelow or another New York City attorney is extremely important. These individuals not only understand all of the laws that are involved with dividing assets, but their experience helps them to make wise decisions since they have been involved in many separation and divorce cases. Ross Abelow has particular expertise in matrimonial law, family law, entertainment law and commercial litigation. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law School.

When a separating or divorcing couple formalizes their agreement to divide their assets, the best way for them to do this is usually through Family Court. There are multiple benefits to doing this. First, the individuals involved may receive some taxation benefits. Second, they will have the freedom to make financial decisions now and in the future without the possibility of dealing with future Family Court claims. The orders that are covered in the Family Court need to cover all relevant financial matters. The only way for these orders to do this is for a separating or divorcing couple to work with a family law specialist who can prepare these orders and provide legal advice and assistance.

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