Thor Halvorssen believes Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand Socialism

Thor Halvorssen, head of the Human Rights Foundation, does not believe Bernie Sanders understands socialism. The runner-up in the Democratic primaries claims to be a Democratic socialist. According to this recent Reddit thread, Halvorssen said in an interview on Fox News that socialism denies human rights and used the example of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez.

Socialism is a form of government where the means of production are owned collectively. It may be by the people, by the employees of a group, or some other form of shared equity. It exists in two forms, market socialism and non-market socialism. Non-market socialism tries to correct the imbalances that occur in the for-profit system. Market socialism is usually a mix of socialist polices and free-market policies, such as
While Halvorssen believes that socialism can be stable in areas with long traditions of democratic government, such as Western Europe, he also believes that such systems can easily be perverted by corrupt rulers. During the Fox interview he stated that corrupt rulers who do not have the best interests of the people at heart can become despots.

Although he criticized Sanders for his naïve positions, Halvorssen has donated to his campaign. Unlike his democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, Sanders has not supported the regimes that support torture. At the moment, the Sanders campaign is funded through small donations of individual supporters. Clinton and her Republican competitors have all taken donations from large corporations.

Sanders has criticized the role of lobbyists and large corporations in the United States political system. The Democratic candidate also voiced support for overturning the Citizens United Decision. This Supreme Court decision furthered the existing legal doctrine that corporations are people and have the same rights as citizens. To find more about Thor Halvorssen’s involvement in human rights and other political matters, be sure to find him on Facebook.

North Korean Defector Now Must Defend Her Defection

It was not enough that 13 year old Yeonmi Park and her mother survived the agonizing trek from North Korea through the Gobi desert, across China’s mountains before finally arriving as debilitated refugees in South Korea. Pyongyang immediately issued warrants for their arrest and published propaganda disparaging their life stories and defection from North Korea.

Valor Cannot Be Blackened

The North Korean propaganda machine has been churning to destroy Yeonmi Park’s valoe in the eyes of the Western World ever since she and her mother first stepped onto free land. The outside viewer of the personal attacks upon a mere child by the dictator of her former country cannot avoid wondering why he would expend so much energy attempting to destroy one small girl? Her story gains credibility most rapidly due to the attempts by Pyongyang to erase it. The most striking proof of Yeonmi Park’s story of her life in North Korea is the length the dictator goes to in effort to discredit a young girl who did nothing but leave his country, losing her father to death during the escape.

Refugees Do Not Attain Refuge Easily

One only has to view the Reason news media and examine the accounts of other refugees willing to risk their lives in arduous escapes every day to realize that leaving oppression is not simply a matter of walking through a sentry gate. Deep scarring losses are always endured by the defecting party in the attempt to reach refuge. Yeonmi Park‘s ability to come this far successfully is to be acknowledged with assistance, praise and welcome.

Yeonmi Asks for Nothing But Existance in Freedom

Young Yeonmi Park has asked the Western World and her new country of South Korea for nothing but asylum’s access to a free life, abundant food and peace. She and her mother deserve so very much more.