Is Wen by Chaz Right for You?

Everyone has heard of the hair product known as WEN by Chaz. There is virtually no individual that has stayed up late at night who hasn’t seen the QVC commercial running. However, not everyone has actually used the product. Therefore, when a person that writes for recently tried it, it was interesting to see what the results would be. This article is essentially a recap of that particular article, which can be found at, which details the results that this particular individual experienced throughout the time that she was trying the product.

She spent a week giving Wen a try, waking up early each morning so that she could work the product through her hair and shower. She commented that the first thing she noticed was that she had to use roughly four times as much of the product as she did her normal hair care products, according to the directions on the back of the bottle. She also stated that this made her a little nervous, but she had already made the commitment so she was willing to try.

The first couple of days, she realized that if she failed to wash her hair every morning that it would be extremely oily and unmanageable. However, she also commented that as long as she got up and showered in the morning, working the product through her hair each day, it became softer and shinier.  All in all, she concluded that WEN might not be the best product for someone that doesn’t wash their hair on a daily basis because the hair tends to get oily if it isn’t cleansed daily. Otherwise, she found that it made her hair more manageable, much fuller and that less hair tended to fall out when she showered.