Rationing and Shortages are Severely Impacting the Venezuelan Population

Economic difficulties in Venezuela have led to severe rationing and shortages, which are having a serious impact on the people there. Medical supplies, prescription drugs, birth control products, and even electricity have been limited. The reduced availability of medicines according to David Osio has lead to the creation of a call center where patients can check in to find out the location of a pharmacy that might have the medications that they need. This lack of prescription drugs has impacted the ability of women to buy birth control pills, which have seemingly disappeared off the market. The option of condoms was finally brought back after some time, but they are sold for such high prices that few can afford them. Many people including Mr. Osio are concerned this will lead to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The rationing has also impacted the utilities of businesses and homes. Recently, over 100 malls were asked to close down part of the day to save electricity. No one knows when the rationing and shortages will end.