A New Formula for Beneful

Beneful dog food may be an Amazon.com top seller in the USA but, it has received a lot of backlash over its current formula. Carlotta Cooper, who has a long list of qualifications and animal expertise, interviewed some of the team members working on Beneful‘s new formula. Her article details Beneful’s desire to listen to the consumers and give them a food they feel safe feeding.
The main concerns from the consumers were the following ingredients: propylene glycol, colorful dyes, and mycotoxins. Propylene glycol is used to maintain moisture which gives the kibbles a chewy texture. While it is generally recognized as safe by the FDA it is easily confused with ethylene glycol that is an ingredient used in anti-freeze. Due to this easy mix up it is not an ingredient consumers enjoy seeing on a label. Colorful dyes are also an ingredient that tends to have consumers concerned. Their main purpose is to make the food more attractive for the consumer but seem to be having the opposite effect because of their bad reputation, even though these are also FDA approved. Mycotoxins also bring concern because… well toxin is right in the name. However, they’re found in most dog foods as well as in agriculture crops and are not considered a health risk when kept at low levels.

Despite the rebuttals Beneful.com has listened and been working hard on a new formula for the past two years. The new formula will use a vegetable-based glycerine to create the chewy texture. There will also be far fewer dyes. They have also addressed their consumers desire for real meat as the first ingredient. Seven out of the eight new formulas will include real beef or chicken as the first ingredient. The eighth formula, Originals with Real Salmon, is expecting to have salmon as the first ingredient in 2017. However, until a proper supplier is found they will not have the resources to do so.

These new formulas are expected to be available across the USA by August. They will also continue to be a great value by remaining a low cost food. Check the Beneful Channel on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood.