Winter Fundraiser For Animals

A Winter Fundraiser on January 13, 2016, was incited by renowned New York Attorney Ross Abelow to benefit the city’s homeless and abandoned animals.

His set goal is to reach $5000.00 to present to various animal shelters throughout the city, to make it possible for these facilities to pay for food,medical care and provide warm blankets for the deserted and most undefended animals in their care.

Most certainly this precious and noble financial gift will undoubtedly assist, so many helpless and mistreated innocent animals and give them a second chance to live.

This fundraiser’s heartfelt and humane intent is to assist these shelters to make the impossible happen, to save animals lives.

Wintertime is especially harsh and detrimental on these abandoned animals because the temperatures fall drastically and of course it snows, so it becomes an agonizing ordeal just to survive and see another day, and maybe the remote possibility of a rescue.

Unfortunately, and sadly enough for many of these hopeless and defenseless animals help does not arrive and their unnecessary and undeserving death is imminent. It is an absolute tragedy which can be avoided if you think about it.

There are numerous reasons for these and all animals everywhere to be left outside neglected and unattended, such as lack of space, financial difficulties or simple human cruelty which is the most common.

People just change their minds about their cat or dog and senselessly abandon them without a conscience, or sheer regret.

This is such unnecessary cruelty imposed on a human trusting animal who offers companionship and unconditional unselfish love, and all they ask for in return is respect,kindness,a warm dry bed, food, and the cordial loving touch of the human hand and a lifelong relationship.

Ross Abelow is an undergraduate of the State University of New York and subsequently earned his law degree at Brooklyn Law School in 1989.
He was ultimately licensed by the New York State Bar in 1990.

The 26 years of his law practice became evident when he became a law partner of the Law Firm of Abelow and Cassando,LLP
Even though he is a civil rights attorney his main objective is geared towards family law,matrimonial law,entertainment law,and commercial litigation.

During his free time he posts articles to blogs and Crown Point, New York, additionally his personal blog concentrates profoundly on financial and legal aspects, he’s also active on Facebook and Mashable.