Fashion and beauty rules Doe Deere loves to break

Doe Deere is the creator of the wildly popular makeup line, Lime Crime. The line promotes itself as ‘makeup for unicorns,’ and its founder lives that mantra.

Living by unicorn standards can butt up against conventional fashion rules. Below are the rules Doe loves to break daily.

Pairing bold eyes and lips has been a no-no for longer than anyone can remember. The clash of the two creates an image that’s less than desirable.
The desire to mix and match colors outweighs that opinion. Doe says she loves to wear colors that make her happy. If they happen to be all bold colors, then so be it.
Combining too many colors at once creates a look that pits colors against one another. Since colors are obviously vying for attention, this has become a fashion faux pas.
Doe Deere overcomes this complication by sticking to color coordination as the focal point. If the colors have complimentary hues, and are coordinated, you can pull it off.
Mixing patterns causes the same outrage as mixing colors. It’s an advanced level of breaking the fashion rules. Much like colors, mixing patterns eases its way into the ok category when patterns are in the same color family. Doe believes there’s no wrong way to pair patterns. Just be sure to keep them complimentary.
Open toed shoes shouldn’t be worn with socks has been dubbed as ‘grandma chic.’ Doe owns over 100 pairs and says her garments feel incomplete without a statement sock.
Covering them with closed toed shoes defeats the purpose of the pattern. They’re meant to be displayed; even if it is through the toe of a shoe.
Only wear neutrals if you hair is a bold color. Doe Deere was one of the first to rock rainbow hair. Having unicorn hair wasn’t going to mean she was confined to neutral makeup. She makes it work by paying attention to the intensity of the hair color when choosing makeup and clothes.
Dress your age to prevent looking inappropriate. Your age shouldn’t dictate what you can or can’t wear. 22 year olds wear ‘grandma chic’ looks all the time. So why can’t 45 year olds rock tutus?
Only wear event appropriate clothes. Doe believes clothes are made to be enjoyed, so if you feel like wearing a cocktail dress on a Wednesday, then go for it!