Securus: Fighting for The People

In today’s day and age, you need people that are going to fight for the little people and fight for what is right. They aren’t going to sit idly by and do nothing. They will fight and they will claw and they will do whatever is right for the people. That is exactly what Securus Technologies is doing with their recent findings in regards to Global Tel Link. For those unfamiliar with Securus Technologies, they are a company that looks for civil and criminal justice tech solutions for the public safety. To sum it up, they are all about the people. That is who they fight for and that is who they care about and who they are passionate about, at the end of the day.

They have announced that they are going to release a report which focuses on all of the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link and how Global Tel Link has lied to the customers, treated them poorly, and taken advantage of them. They are going to out them for all of their wrongdoings. They aren’t doing this to garner attention or get special praise. They are doing this, because it is the right thing to do, and they know it needs to be done.

However, this is only the first in a series of articles they will be releasing to expose GTL for taking advantage of customers and using their power for all of the wrong reasons. GTL is a company that allows its clients to speak to inmates in prison. However, their prices are outrageous and they have used many shady tactics on poor people that just want to speak to their loved ones. They shouldn’t have to suffer for the crimes committed by their loved ones. They just want to speak to them at a reasonable cost.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Benefits Of Sharing Your Work Space With Your Co-Workers

It has been proven that people do much better and are more productive in offices where employees share their space with other employees. I know that some people prefer closed, private offices but you lose creativity and the spark you get from dealing with other people. Working in open work areas results in being happier, being less stressed, being more creative and open to others ideas and thoughts. This makes workers do better overall work, and the work they do is of much better quality. This can be even be done with contract workers via the internet for the same effect.

In their studies, it was found that contractors who are working for different companies or on different projects worked best together because there was no direct competition and that encouraged sharing their thoughts and ideas openly with others. They felt they were able to be themselves and not be judged and to be more confident with others. They found open work space created a place to help each other and give ideas and thoughts freely. Sharing a work space also gives them the freedom to work when it is convenient to them and when they want to work with others instead of a set schedule. This is because sharing work spaces is a seven days a week/twenty-four hours a day opportunity, they can work privately when they need it or work in a group and gives them the flexibility to do what they want when they want which gives them more control when they wanted that option. They also found that adding a bit of regularity to working with others gave them more structure to their day which helped in productivity. They also found that being a part of a group such as the online groups Grind, Co-Merge, NextSpace, and WeWork helped them feel part of a group which made them happier and resulted in better productivity. Workers liked discussing their projects and ideas with others made them more creative, happier and to be more broadminded in their work.

Workville shared office space in New York is not only a place for people to work together, but to be a very friendly and open space. They offer private offices, shared-space offices as well as open work areas with meeting areas, and telephones. They also have a cafe, terraces with open work spaces, and a lounge area that encourages a casual work environment in which to work.

Why Advertising Companies in Brazil have Attracted Many People

Over the years, many advertising agencies have emerged in Brazil providing wide range of advertising opportunities to the larger population. The development of the internet has facilitated the process of advertising by providing the necessary platforms for executing business ideas. These agencies have also provided employment opportunities to many people across the world. Digital migration has also contributed a great deal in promoting the advertising agencies on the global limelight. These agencies have developed and are providing services to the entire Brazilian nation. As a result, advertising companies have led to the development of economic growth in Brazil. They have also made the country to develop interest in other business sectors across the globe. As such, Brazil is one of the most recognized business partners among many countries in the world. The good working conditions have led many countries to develop interest in Brazilian economic development. China has invested in advertising agencies in Sao Paulo Brazil where they have developed an advertising agency geared towards promoting football and other sports activities. These initiatives have made them to hold world sports championships and recently the FIFA World Cup. The agencies have also invested in notable personalities like Ronald to further strengthen their advertising capabilities. The success of the advertising agencies in Brazil has been necessitated with the increased population. The country is the fifth most populated in the world with over 200million people who have provided a steady customer base for advertisement.

Claudio Loureiro is one of the leading advertising personalities in Brazil. He has over 21 years experience in the world of advertising which has made him to be recognized in the world. He was the proprietor and led to the development of the Heads Propaganda which is the largest advertising company in the country. His vision of changing the perception of people about Rio de Janeiro as a hostile and violent city necessitated the development of the company. The company was established to revive the lost glory of the city and to bring investors back to the city. The company has been associated with production of advertisement strategies that are geared towards advertising different factors that benefit the general population. As such, the company has increased the number of customers over the years. Claudio Loureiro has a wide experience in the world of communication and public relations after graduating from Boston University. He later developed interest in studying Direct Marketing Association from the Georgia University in Atlanta. These vast skills have made him to be recognized as an important personality in the advertisement field.


There are many contradictions on this matters. Some say it’s best to hire someone when the problem pops up. Some say it’s best to have someone on your payroll right from the start. In this article, I will be putting this debate to rest.


The planning stage is the first step you want to keep an eye on. Frans can help you plan your brand. He can help you decide the best way to register your company. Do you want to register as a corporate brand? Do you want to register as a commercial brand? Do you want to have a partnership? Frans can help you decide the best way to go.


This is another big stage in a company. During this time companies are drafting contracts. Companies are drafting leasing and other legal documents. It’s best to have someone like Frans on your side during this time. There is too much “legalese” going on. How many of us truly understand what is being written down and said? I’m guessing only a select few. This is why you need Frans. He can spell everything out for you. He can make everything easier to understand. That is his job.

Companies often hide “little things” into the contracts. Sometimes these “surprises” can catch people off guard. Frans can decipher the technical stuff. This way you won’t have any surprises.


This is one of the more common times that companies seek counsel. It’s good to have Frans in your back pocket beforehand. This way he can tell you if litigation is the best option.


If this is what your company is all about, you need Frans with you. Products need a brand, they need a patent. Frans and his associates can guide you during this process. He can help you figure out the best way to brand your image/company, while complying with the legal issues.


In the end, it’s all up to you how you want to proceed with this. What it all comes down to is protection. You have to protect you and your company. The sooner you hire Frans Schoeman as part of your team, the better off you will be.


Frans and his team have been doing this for a long time. Frans Schoeman on wattpad is your go-to person for any kind of legal issue. Is it best to hire him before or after a problem happens? It’s best to have Frans on your payroll at the start of any commercial dealing. This way any issues can be taken care of right away. Frans will help your company resolve any issue your company is having, at the lowest cost to you.

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