Susan McGalla: Thriving In The Landscape of American Business

Some new surveys regarding women in the marketplace reveals some disturbing trends. According to research, women still receive significantly less pay than men do in the workplace, even though there have been many statutes and laws created to stop such discrepancies from happening.
According to statistics, women still receive much less than the do, even though they’re working the same position, and have the same amount of experience. The numbers show that women receive anywhere from 16% to 33% less in pay compensation than men do working in similar positions.
When it comes to the opportunities that women have as opposed to men, there are differing numbers regarding that as well. The numbers show that only 2% of businesses that are operated in America are run by women. Another revealing statistic shows that for every 20 businesses operating in America today, only three of those businesses have a woman in their executive decision-making ranks.
Even though these revealing numbers paint a bleak picture, there are silver linings. Women are deciding upon a new plan of action, and many are discarding the routes of male oriented business structure. Instead of dealing with the lower pay and fewer opportunities, women are deciding to go into business and create their own opportunities. The increase of women in business has been highly evident, to the point where there are entire supply chains that are run, created and maintained by women owned businesses.
Instead of succumbing to the unrewarding structure of standardized corporate America, many women have decided to take their abilities and skills into the marketplace on their own, and have flourished in their decisions.
While there are more than a few success stories when it comes to women taking this route, there still are women who have broken through the glass ceiling of male-dominated corporate America and have gone on to great success in the business world.
Susan McGalla is an executive and an example of women taking charge in the marketplace, having worked at the highest levels of corporate America. She began her career in clothing, working as a merchandising expert for Joseph Horn Company. Her ability to successfully navigate the merchandising side of clothing catapulted her career to new heights.
She assumed the position of Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters, where she successfully continued her way up, eventually rising through the various ranks of the company to assume the CEO position. From there, she took the Chief Executive Officer position at Wet Seal, a California-based accessory and surf clothing company. While she was CEO of the company, the corporation saw growth in many new lines that she created there.
After her position with Wet Seal, Susan McGalla assumed a new position in another male dominated territory, working as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization of the National Football League. Considered a male-dominated business environment, McGalla thrived there, and eventually left to take a position with HFF Inc., a major capital venture and real estate development firm.
McGalla has excelled in her various positions over the years, and is an example for the direction that women can take in business. Even though there are many roadblocks for women to received the full recognition that their due, individuals like McGalla show that it can be done, and women are just as skilled and suitable for all types of positions in the marketplace as men are.

The Doe Deere Difference

They say that most great business innovations take place when an entrepreneur sees a need in the market that isn’t being filled, and then acts to fulfill it. This maxim applies to businesses of all kinds, from high tech to daycare, but it also applies to the creativity of the cosmetics industry. All of which leads us to Doe Deere and Lime Crime cosmetics.

Doe Deere is a Russian emigre who came to the US and became an Internet entrepreneur. She started out in fashion, with an eBay sales site. While making clothes to sell online, she discovered the need for more boldly colorful fabrics for her clothing, and she went to a lot of trouble to find or create what she needed. By the time she launched Lime Crime cosmetics in 2007/2008, she had discovered that she wanted more bold color in her makeup, but to have it, she had to create her own lipsticks and eyeshadows in a lab, with the help of a devoted chemist. Ultimately, the story of Doe Deere and Lime Crime is all about getting creative out of necessity.

Creating a New Kind of Lip Color

One of the most popular items on the Lime Crime cosmetics website is Velvetines lip color. This innovative lip color has the distinction of being the only “liquid to matte” lip color on the market. This lip color goes on smooth, wet and silky, and then dries to a scrumptious and attention-getting matte finish, without crumbling.

This lip color is vegan and officially designated as “cruelty-free.” What’s more, the colors in the Velvetines line on are strikingly bold, and they provide great coverage to really draw attention to a woman’s mouth, in all its gorgeousness. What about the colors? They are absolutely, wildly beautiful, and come in almost every shade possible of pink, red and purple. It’s no wonder this lip color has taken off like a rocket.

The Colors of a Unicorn

For women who want even more colors to choose from, Lime Crime also has the Unicorn Lipstick line. These bold colors go on for a full lipped look, and they have a slightly wetter matte finish. Unicorn Lipstick has an even wider range of colors, in shades that might be called “70’s rock and roll.” The colors range from pinks, reds and purples as well as wild shades of blue, yellow, orange and beige. Wild, yes, but wildly beautiful, too.

When it’s time to get innovative with makeup, it’s time to try on a shade or two or three from Lime Crime.

The Striking Doe Deere

Doe Deere is among the most artistic women in the industry of makeup. She’s been the unicorn Queen within the cosmetics business but she actually is more than this with respect to gurus in the fashion and makeup world. She wants to inspire young women to break out of there everyday shell and say something different with their beauty products. Doe Deere is a Russian model, cosmetics artist and style muse living in the fashion filled New York City.

Her eagerness and ideas to go after a career in cosmetics was due to the fact that she planned to produce fascinating products that produce a feeling of imagination within them. She made a decision to do her very own make-up collection because she understood her concepts where going to make a new statement of fantasy. Doe Deere has long been one of a kind in her own look. She know that makeup is a form of expression and every girl wants to say something with cosmetics. So, when she created her brand name, Lime Crime she made certain that it would be loaded with one of a kind items which will allow every woman to create fashionable looks with makeup.

The striking Lime Crime makeup line has vivid pastels colors in a rainbow of shades. Every girl can find something just for them if not attain a huge collection of the Lime Crime products. The online store is stuff with exciting colors and information on beauty trends of today. I love the unicorn lipsticks because they come in pink, lavender, and light blue. You won’t be stuck for ideas of how to use this makeup because there is a whole page of pictures of girls showing off their vibrant colored hair and different Lime Crime makeup looks.

You can be inspired quickly once you are on the website and can even buy a unique hair dye too. Now Lime Crime has a hair dye product line with beautiful rainbow, yellow, and pink colors to choose from. Doe had initially wanted to be a pop star and performer when she was growing up, and she even joined a music group for some time when she relocated to the US. She switch gears and became obsessed with fashion and makeup, serious about delivering a new product line for girls like her to utilize. Before long, hair and make-up evolved into her element and Lime Crime came into this world.

Lime Crime carries a trendy and bold make-up line which includes amazing hues of lip gloss, eye liner, and blush. If you love pastels and glitter this make-up is for you. Customers go on about Deere’s rich lipstick shades they usually speculate what new product or color will be introduced soon.

Doe Deere is constantly on the front line of fashion and makeup trends. She is always on the cutting edge of the next best outfit or hair design. You can find countless pictures of all Doe’s creative looks on the online store Lime Crime.