Brian Bonar Recognized as the Best Executive

Brian Bonar is interestingly one of those engineers who have passion for business. He obtained a degree in technical engineering from James Watt Technical College. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. Brian’s expertise was greatly instrumental in enabling him build successful business structures.

His career began at IBM, where he worked as procurement manager. He then moved to QMS where he served as director of engineering, he managed 100 other people under him. Furthermore, he worked in Adaptec as the sales manager.

Having gathered adequate experience in business leadership and management, Brian Bonar started his own business called Bezier systems. Also, he works for a couple more companies including Dalrada financial services where he obtained significant experience. Brian Bonar specialized in mergers and acquisitions; he takes advantage of his technical and creative skills to make his businesses a great success.

He has since grown to be a successful business executive; his extensive experience earned him the Who is who award in America in 2000. Currently, he is the leader of Trucept Incorporation and chairperson of Dalrada financial corporations. Brian loves playing golf, boating trips and having fun with family.

Brian Bonar’s excellent contribution in the economic platform has earned him recognition; he was named Cambridge’s who’s who business executive of the year in finance. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

The inclusion in this prestigious opportunity is quite honorary. Also, it is quite competitive, only two males and females in each category are named executives of the year. The committee bases on various factors when making the choice, they base on academic excellence, leadership abilities and other academic and professional accomplishments.

Brian Bonar has over 30 years of experience in financial management and business administration. He diligently oversees all operations at Dalrada financial corporations. He has been the company’s chairperson and CEO for a decade. He is responsible for employee’s welfare, employer benefits and aftermarket products.

The company liaises with employers supplying them with incredible employee programs that increase business efficiency. Some the programs the company offers include employee benefits, risk management insurance, workers compensation and business liability. Also, the company provides financial management services, promotions, and business management services.

Additionally, Brian Bonar is chairperson of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. also; he is president of Allegiant Professional Business service Inc. over his career, Brian has developed a reputation as an inspired business executive.

Also, he has an appetite in achieving the goals and inspirations of his clients, team members and extended project partners.

Brian Bonar has displayed exceptional business excellence; he has been able to establish successful financial business solutions that have influenced the success of many business and offer practical solutions to his clients’ needs. He can simply be described as competent, effective and bold.

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William Skelley Appointed to Become the Head of Next Generation of Real Estate Leader

Real estate investments are very profitable, and everyone wants to have a share in these companies. However, the amount of capital required to invest in these kinds of business is quite high, and many individuals cannot afford it. The cost of life has gone up, and a lot of money is required for the day to day activities, making it impossible for many people to invest in real estate companies from their savings.

However, the new invention in real estate industry has changed everything. Thanks to crowdfunding, it is now very easy for individuals to invest in these expensive investments using very little. Crowdfunding means that people with the same ideas come together to collect their money and invest it to earn a good amount of money at the end of the day. The money for the project is collected online, and since the introduction of the whole idea, many people in the world have benefited from it.

Crowdfunding has done quite well in the countries that allow money to be collected online. Countries like America are making a lot of progress in the real estate industry due to this invention, and many other countries have adapted the idea. There are some regulations required for a country to collect money online, and America has managed to pass these regulations.

iFunding is one of the crowdfunding companies in the world. The company is based in the United States of America, and it was started by one William Skelley. William has a lot of expertise in this area, and he has brought a platform where people from all walk of life come together and invest safely in real estate industry.

Recently, William Skelley was appointed to a similar position in the real estate industry. An organization known as Next Real Estate Leaders appointed him to become its leader. The organization is believed to have been started by one Michael Stroler. The organization was started recently, and it only managed to have its first dinner this year in January. The main aim of the organization is to empower leaders in the real estate industry. The members of the organization are people from different real estate companies in the country. Michael is a famous TV host who also specializes in real estate issues. His show has been in existence for more than fifteen seasons, and it is dedicated to real estate activities too. his contributions are very important in the competitive industry.  For a little background on iFunding, check out a Facebook Q & A that Skelley ran for interested investors.

About The Pittsburgh Steelers Campaign And The Role Played By Susan McGalla

In September 2015, Steelers was getting ready for the first home game of the season. At that time, the team has also made a phenomenal launch of a brand new fashion line, a brand new website as well as many different ways to connect with its fans. Although at the time of the launch it was uncertain how many points the team would score on its debut home game of the season, it had already started to score points with fans who were in search of merchandise to suit their fashion needs and lifestyle. The whole idea was spearheaded by Susan McGalla of HFF, who had become the new director for the team’s strategic planning. All new merchandise could be found on the team’s brand new website and unlike many shopping websites that do not allow easy mobile shopping, the Steelers website did. The team also had very awesome jewelry that came accompanied by its charms. When matters related to colors were concerned, there was pink for the girl fans as well as black for the masculine men. Younger girls were also taken care of with neon yellow and metallic gold colors. The team was confident that the whole idea was taking sports to the street. According to Susan, a fan could choose to either dress it up or down. Most of the outfits also had a lot of thumb holes which are liked a lot by many girls Simply put; the merchandise was to make an awesome fashion statement across the streets and the nation at large. Susan is an epitome of feminine courage in the business and corporate world. In her corporate career, she has managed to achieve a lot compared to very many women who feel challenged by the male ego mentality that their colleagues have. She contributes on wikinvest a lot of her success to her childhood upbringing. She was brought up beside two elder brothers, and her parents did not cut her any slack for being a girl. They encouraged her to work hard and compete with the boys. She brought the same attitude to school and work and managed to beat all odds to get to the top.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson went to Washington University in St. Louis and later graduated with a law degree from American University. He used to study for the law degree at night due to his full time job as a journalist with the Washington Star. He originates from a Jewish family and spent his early days in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is a businessperson based in the US, a former NBA team owner and is renowned for his philanthropic activities. Together with Ed Peskowitz, Bruce Levenson formed the Atlanta Spirit LLC back in 2004 and used it to by the Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was at that time under the ownership of Turner Broadcasting. Buying the NBA team also meant that they would have to take over Atlanta Thrashers that is categorized as an NFL team. However, they sold Atlanta Thrashers in 2011. Bruce Levenson has since been on NBA’s Board of Governors first as a representing member of Atlanta Hawks but later as an ex-official. Humble Beginnings Bruce Levenson formed the United Communication Group also known as UCG in 1977 together with Ed Peskowitz. The company started as a newsletter publisher in the oil industry but has since developed wings to other industries such as energy, technology, healthcare, telecommunication, and mortgage banking just to mention but a few. In addition, UCG has come up with a mobile application that informs drivers where to get the lowest gas price depending on their location. Bruce Levenson serves as a board member of TechTarget and Electronic Publishers Association. He also advises the BIA Digital Partner and featured in the 1977 Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame. The first general manager and president of basketball operation for Atlanta Hawks when Atlanta Spirit LLC bought it was Danny Ferry. He came to the picture in 2012 and considering his was once a professional player with Cleveland Cavalier and later became their manager before becoming San Antonio Spurs’ vice president, the duo thought he would do well with the team. One of the experiences that Bruce Levenson may not forget is accompanying the team to visit the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. His mother-in-law is a survivor and this not only made it personal but he was also able to speak with the team. However, later in 2012, he decided to sell his ownership shares for the team stating that the African-American fan base for the team was going down. He has involved an investment-banking firm to help with the sale. Philanthropic Activities Bruce Levenson is known for his philanthropic works including the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., I Have a Dream Foundation, Washington chapter, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, the SEED Foundation, and Seeds of Peace. He also participates with the Birthright Israel, Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, and the Jewish Foundation. As of 2013, he was among other prominent American Jews who advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work closely with US Secretary of State.