Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah Raise Awareness about Investments and Autism


Solo Capital is the brain child of an investment guru Sanjay Shah. The company was incorporated in September of 2011 and is regulated in the United Kingdom and maintains its headquarters in London, England. The investment company is also known as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited. The company specializes in professional sports investments, consulting and proprietary trading. In 2015, the company had accrued a net worth of £15.45 million ($21.99 million) and assets of £67.45 ($96.01 million) and a cash flow of £30.26 million ($43.07 million).

Sanjay Shah did not start out in the financial or investment industry, but in the field of medicine. He was studying to become a doctor and decided medicine just was not his cup of tea. He switched his course of study and became an accountant and worked for a number of banking institutions including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. In 2009, when the financial crisis, ravaged the banking and investment industry, Sanjay decided to step out on his own and start his own brokerage company and thus Solo Capital was born.

Through Sanjay’s leadership and expertise in the financial and investment industry, Solo Capital has grown to be a leading force in its field. The hallmark of Solo Capital is individual and unique solutions and outstanding customer service. Solo Capital has built a trustworthy reputation based on integrity, honesty and individualized solutions for clients.

In addition to Solo Capital, Sanjay also owns more than three dozen companies in the Cayman Islands, Malta, Luxembourg, Dubai, Virgin Islands and London. In 2014, Shah took over Old Park Lane Capital, a firm whose focus is natural resources and works with investors by invitation only.

Mr. Shah according to  a report by also founded an organization whose focus was to bring awareness to autism. It began when his son was diagnosed with autism and he wanted to understand autism and bring awareness and understanding to others. He also wanted to raise money for autism research and after a chance meeting and a cup of tea with Rap star Snoop Dogg Sanjay decided the way to go was to sponsor concerts worldwide. The first concert was held in 2014 and his events have been very successful ever since. His charitable efforts began before his son was diagnosed with autism, but he focused his charitable contributions to a cause near and dear to his heart. He has also taken on the responsibility of a trustee of Autism Research Trust which provides financial donations to the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University.

Today, Sanjay considers himself retired, but still keeps his hand in the investment industry and continues to guide all his holdings to financial prosperity.