Freshpet Pushes for Healthy Dog Food Industry

We have seen the tides change in the world of dog food manufacturing over the better part of the last decade or so. In the early days of the dog food industry, obviously longer ago than just this past decade, the industry was fairly lax in terms of quality. Nowadays, in the age of facebook, everyone knows everything about the food that they are buying. This has obviously opened the door for pet food companies to focus on creating a product that is so healthy that owners have to go ahead on Wal-Mart stores and buy it for their pets.
Richard Thompson is the CEO of Freshpet and one of the leading pioneers in this new healthy dog food craze. To demonstrate how healthy and well made his dog food is the CEO is willing to walk onto the factory floor and take a piece of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey mix right off of the belt, popping it into his mouth with a satisfying smile. The above story actually happened at their factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during a tour and it only highlights how important quality is in the $24 billion dollar pet food industry.

Pet owners want to know that their pets are getting quality food and this means seriously ramping up the dial on quality ingredients. Companies like Freshput are pushing the envelop and forcing the rest of the industry to adapt. Now we’re industry favorites like Beneful take the idea and run with it. Nowadays companies like Beneful are making dog food that is so good you could sit it on a plate and take a bit out of it yourself and not know it was made for your pooch.

The biggest difference, for Nestle Purina Store and Freshpet as well as other companies, is that there is a real focus on getting rid of preservatives and utilizing fresh, quality ingredients. It’s common knowledge that Beneful was one of the first companies to ever put real meat into their dog food so it doesn’t surprise us to see that the company has taken it to the next level by making some of the best dog food products available ( actually taste good.