Thor Halvorssen Takes It Upon Himself To Talk About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is changing the populist message for President by telling people that he wants to help them with their tax dollars, but he has been accused of being a communist for it. A lot of people have taken offense to that because that is not his platform at all, and Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation took it upon himself to explain to Fox News what Bernie Sanders actually stands for.

There are a lot of versions of socialism, but what Bernie Sanders is for is not communism. Thor Halvorssen has seen a lot of terrible things as a result of communism, but he knows that that is not what Bernie Sanders is all about. He gave a name for what Bernie Sanders wants, and that term is democratic socialism.

Bernie Sanders wants people who pay taxes to see where their tax money went, and he wants to know that every person is getting the services they deserve with that money. It is pretty easy for him to accomplish this, but he has to get past the wrong perception first. Thor Halvorssen can show people terrible socialist governments, but those countries do not have free elections or human rights for their citizens. Mr. Halvorssen is more concerned about countries where communism has gone wild and the money for the government goes to the ruling family.

America will not turn into one of the countries that Thor Halvorssen is concerned about, and he wants everyone in America to make an informed choice instead of just saying that Bernie Sanders is a communist. He wants people to have a real disagreement instead of calling each other names, and he wants people to know that they are not helping the process by mislabeling Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders could help a lot of people, and Thor Halvorssen hopes to see a change in his work with the human Rights Foundation after the election.

Thor Halvorssen believes Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand Socialism

Thor Halvorssen, head of the Human Rights Foundation, does not believe Bernie Sanders understands socialism. The runner-up in the Democratic primaries claims to be a Democratic socialist. According to this recent Reddit thread, Halvorssen said in an interview on Fox News that socialism denies human rights and used the example of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez.

Socialism is a form of government where the means of production are owned collectively. It may be by the people, by the employees of a group, or some other form of shared equity. It exists in two forms, market socialism and non-market socialism. Non-market socialism tries to correct the imbalances that occur in the for-profit system. Market socialism is usually a mix of socialist polices and free-market policies, such as
While Halvorssen believes that socialism can be stable in areas with long traditions of democratic government, such as Western Europe, he also believes that such systems can easily be perverted by corrupt rulers. During the Fox interview he stated that corrupt rulers who do not have the best interests of the people at heart can become despots.

Although he criticized Sanders for his naïve positions, Halvorssen has donated to his campaign. Unlike his democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, Sanders has not supported the regimes that support torture. At the moment, the Sanders campaign is funded through small donations of individual supporters. Clinton and her Republican competitors have all taken donations from large corporations.

Sanders has criticized the role of lobbyists and large corporations in the United States political system. The Democratic candidate also voiced support for overturning the Citizens United Decision. This Supreme Court decision furthered the existing legal doctrine that corporations are people and have the same rights as citizens. To find more about Thor Halvorssen’s involvement in human rights and other political matters, be sure to find him on Facebook.

Jon Urbana Gives Us the Christmas Gift of Talent

This Christmas, I gift you with an article about Jon Urbana, a man that has a very wide range of talents. These talents are vast and they have helped to create a wide amount of change for individuals in many different fields. When looking at his different talents you can see that Urbana has truly excelled in many different fields.

Jon Urbana is most well known for his talents in lacrosse. He has been able to create a great name for himself when working in this sport. His lacrosse summer camp has helped many young lacrosse players become the players that they are today.

Urbana has had his hand in the world of film as well. This has helped him to become a much more creative individual. This has brought his interests and talents also into the world of music. His electronic music that is accompanied by acoustic guitar is a new age treat for those who are looking to have a much needed electronic music session.

Jon has also started to be a part of many different charity programs. This shows his philanthropic nature and has brought his career to a whole new level. There are many different charities that Urbana has been a part of. Jon also has a very active social media presence. He enjoys getting more Twitter followers and posting Facebook updates about his business and personal life. Jon is also a great photographer who continues to raise his skills with his camera.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana has also been flying. This is most likely due to the need that Jon has for adrenaline.


Yeon-mi Park, A Strong Young Woman Never to be Silenced

Earlier in January of 2015, a North Korean website posted an almost 20 minute video informing the public against Yeonmi Park. Yeon-mi is a human rights activist and strong critic of North Korea and they are out to silence her. North Korea has been known in the past to denounce its people who have fled the country. Yeon-mi, like others, has been accused of lying and stretching the truth about the country where she was born. Although North Korea has threatened people’s lives who have left them, and even set out to kill people, their most common jab is at someone’s character.

Yeon-mi became famous on YouTube, unlike others who have testified before the United Nations. She gave a speech at the Dublin Summit, One Young World. Her appearance did not match her heart wrenching story, which garnered the attention of the public.

Yeonmi Park claimed she has become so hurt and paranoid that she thinks the dictator can read her mind. She described how rule breakers and naysayers were punished in North Korea. When she was just a child, she witnessed a public execution for a very minor infraction of the North Korean expectations. At 13, she left. She went to China, where she witnessed even further evil and violence. She still lived in fear of being sent back to North Korea. She eventually fled to Mongolia by tracking through the Gobi desert, using the stars as her compass.

Following her speech, Yeon-mi turned into a well known character representing those who are oppressed in North Korea. Soon after, Yeon-mi was in high demand for interviews and book deals.

During the production of her book, Yeon-mi was presented with a video from North Korea. It was her family who was still in North Korea: uncles, aunts and cousins. They were forced to be filmed denouncing her. It was clear that her family could not come up with negative things to say about her, but it terrified Yeon-mi to see her family being forced into something like that. She was, however, happy to see they were still alive.

Yeon-mi is currently working on her book and speeches. Yeon-mi has been able to team up and speak with a fellow defector, Joseph Kim. Kim also witnessed horror in his home country and tragedy happen to his family.

Together, Yeon-mi and Kim share their stories of survival and heroic pasts that tell the story of their painfully remarkable lives. They fight to not be silenced by their home countries and to continue to spread the word about the evil that goes on in other parts of the world.