Todd Lubar addressing the Issue of Smart Homes

It has been estimated that the smart home industry will be worth $60 billion come 2021. This is a clear indication that smart homes will start been a necessity rather than a luxury. This has led to development companies adopting smart technology in all their projects. A good example of such a company is the Quadrant Homes that is offering its customers the Home Technology Package. Through this package, it is possible to use smart gadgets in a house. For starters, this includes gadgets such as nest thermostats, ring motion detecting doorbells as well as Caseta lighting systems. However, all these systems come at an extra fee.

Talking to Todd Lubar who has been in the real estate industry for a while, he notes that smart technology holds the future of the real estate industry. He also says that Apple and Amazon are influencing the way we few smart homes. He talks of applications and machines that act as a personal assistant. Example of these gadgets includes Alexa and Siri. Through these systems, locking doors has become an effortless job. This also applies in turning lights on and off. These applications are very suitable for people who have physical limitations. Therefore, it’s possible for people without legs to navigate around a room through the use of Apple Switch Control as well as Siri. Visit Business to know more.

A recent article written about smart homes noted that there are plenty of benefits associated with smart homes. Other than physical benefits, smart homes enable the well-being of people and also help people have a high self-esteem. Todd Lubar has been in the real estate industry for the last 20 years. During these years, he has worked as an employee of great companies. However, this has not prevented him from making his own investments. Todd Lubar is a family man. He has invested in several businesses including the demolition and night club industry. He regards himself as a man who loves change. This could be personal change or changing the people around him. He has been shaped by the education he received during his younger days. He specialized in finance and economics at the undergraduate level. Check out Inspirery for the details.

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Patty Rocklage: Dedicated Therapist and Philanthropist

A warm and inviting therapist has the unique ability to connect with others and help them achieve the life changes they desire to make.

Such is the ability of Patty Rocklage. A licensed psychotherapist, Patty has a warm and inviting therapeutic style that puts her clients at ease. This is important so families and couples feel comfortable being vulnerable and open, which is vital to inspiring change.

Patty Rocklage graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in psychology in 1981. She is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Massachusetts. She provides marriage and family counseling and works across all spectrums, marriage, individuals, and families, to help people achieve growth in whatever manner they are needing it.

While working in this career, Patty Rocklage has gained invaluable experience not only as a therapist, but as a coach, mentor, leader, public speaker, and philanthropist. She strongly believes in giving back to her community, as evidenced by a large monetary gift to MIT in 2016.

Patty, along with her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage, donated money to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, specifically the chemistry department. This money was given with the intention of renovating the nanotechnology and the nanochemistry lab. She also spends her time volunteering with the Sudanese Education Fund. This group works with individuals relocated from South Sudan to help them find jobs and gain financial stability, as well as educational opportunities.

Patty lives with her husband in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and the couple is held in high regard in their community due to their philanthropy. She and her husband did recently renovate their home there using a local company, Sudbury Construction Companies.

They had gone in for a simple remodel in specific areas of the home, however, they were pleasantly surprised that the company could handle the entire restoration of their home. Read more: Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

Being involved in the community and helping others has always been at the forefront of Patty Rocklage’s livelihood. She has dedicated her life to helping others achieve personal growth while growing in her own right by helping both her clients and the community around her