Storyteller Michael Zomber Featured On History Channel’s “Tales Of The Gun”

Famed storyteller, novelist and antique weapon collector Michael Zomber is featured on eight episodes of the critically-acclaimed history channel series, “Tales Of The Gun.” The series features an in-depth look at the history of firearms, including little-known facts and intriguing stories behind well-known gun manufacturers.

To say that Zomber, who has been an avid collector of antique firearms and weapons for over forty years, is an authority on the subject of antique weaponry would be an understatement. Zomber has been travelling the world for decades, acquiring weapons which have been used in famous historical battles, and exploring the history behind these weapons. He has a keen understanding of how antique weapons were produced, how they were operated, and how to properly care for them so that they may maintain their historical integrity.

In addition to his stint on the history channel, Michael Zomber has made a successful career out of writing novels. His acclaimed novels are rich with stories painted in historical detail, and Zomber puts painstaking effort into keeping all of his novels as historically accurate as possible. His knowledge of historical weaponry and battles has allowed him to create dynamic pieces of fiction which are full of thrilling action.

Because of Zomber’s intensive understanding of the history of wars, and the horrors which wars have brought upon civilizations, he is a generous contributor to several charities which try to bring peace to the world. Charities to which Zomber contributes regularly include UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International and Global Exchange.

Michael Zomber currently lives with his wife and two children right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following his enormous success on “Tales of the Gun,” Michael hopes to share his rich historical stories with the world through various mediums so that we may all understand our world’s diverse and fascinating war history.