The Importance and Frustrations of Hair Care

Hair care is very important for people. For one thing, a lot of people love having a full head of hair. However, if it is left to its own, it will become unhealthy. It is important to take the necessary precautions in order to keep the hair looking healthy and lively. The only problem is that it is a lot trickier than one would like to believe. While there are tons of shampoos conditioners and other formulas, they are not as good for the hair as people would like to believe. In this case, it is a good idea to do some research.

This is exactly what one woman did when she learned about Wen by Chaz. She watched the infomercials and did some more research on the Alllure reviewed product in order to see if it is anything that would benefit her. She eventually decided to give it a try. She chose from the different varieties of Wen by Chaz sold at the sephora beauty market. She tried it out for seven days and reported her results on Bustle. Overall, she was satisfied with the product and the effect it had on her hair. She has received compliments from her friends which left her feeling confident about the product.

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WEN was developed by Chaz Dean who believed that hair care should be more or less easy to carry out. The products that he put together were sourced from natural ingredients and filled with nutrients for healthier hair. Wen by Chaz was developed in order to address some of the many frustrations that come with hair care. Among the frustrations are using the wrong formula and then having to deal with horribly damaged hair, and even having to cut it off.

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A New Formula for Beneful

Beneful dog food may be an top seller in the USA but, it has received a lot of backlash over its current formula. Carlotta Cooper, who has a long list of qualifications and animal expertise, interviewed some of the team members working on Beneful‘s new formula. Her article details Beneful’s desire to listen to the consumers and give them a food they feel safe feeding.
The main concerns from the consumers were the following ingredients: propylene glycol, colorful dyes, and mycotoxins. Propylene glycol is used to maintain moisture which gives the kibbles a chewy texture. While it is generally recognized as safe by the FDA it is easily confused with ethylene glycol that is an ingredient used in anti-freeze. Due to this easy mix up it is not an ingredient consumers enjoy seeing on a label. Colorful dyes are also an ingredient that tends to have consumers concerned. Their main purpose is to make the food more attractive for the consumer but seem to be having the opposite effect because of their bad reputation, even though these are also FDA approved. Mycotoxins also bring concern because… well toxin is right in the name. However, they’re found in most dog foods as well as in agriculture crops and are not considered a health risk when kept at low levels.

Despite the rebuttals has listened and been working hard on a new formula for the past two years. The new formula will use a vegetable-based glycerine to create the chewy texture. There will also be far fewer dyes. They have also addressed their consumers desire for real meat as the first ingredient. Seven out of the eight new formulas will include real beef or chicken as the first ingredient. The eighth formula, Originals with Real Salmon, is expecting to have salmon as the first ingredient in 2017. However, until a proper supplier is found they will not have the resources to do so.

These new formulas are expected to be available across the USA by August. They will also continue to be a great value by remaining a low cost food. Check the Beneful Channel on Youtube

Brian Bonar Recognized as the Best Executive

Brian Bonar is interestingly one of those engineers who have passion for business. He obtained a degree in technical engineering from James Watt Technical College. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. Brian’s expertise was greatly instrumental in enabling him build successful business structures.

His career began at IBM, where he worked as procurement manager. He then moved to QMS where he served as director of engineering, he managed 100 other people under him. Furthermore, he worked in Adaptec as the sales manager.

Having gathered adequate experience in business leadership and management, Brian Bonar started his own business called Bezier systems. Also, he works for a couple more companies including Dalrada financial services where he obtained significant experience. Brian Bonar specialized in mergers and acquisitions; he takes advantage of his technical and creative skills to make his businesses a great success.

He has since grown to be a successful business executive; his extensive experience earned him the Who is who award in America in 2000. Currently, he is the leader of Trucept Incorporation and chairperson of Dalrada financial corporations. Brian loves playing golf, boating trips and having fun with family.

Brian Bonar’s excellent contribution in the economic platform has earned him recognition; he was named Cambridge’s who’s who business executive of the year in finance. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

The inclusion in this prestigious opportunity is quite honorary. Also, it is quite competitive, only two males and females in each category are named executives of the year. The committee bases on various factors when making the choice, they base on academic excellence, leadership abilities and other academic and professional accomplishments.

Brian Bonar has over 30 years of experience in financial management and business administration. He diligently oversees all operations at Dalrada financial corporations. He has been the company’s chairperson and CEO for a decade. He is responsible for employee’s welfare, employer benefits and aftermarket products.

The company liaises with employers supplying them with incredible employee programs that increase business efficiency. Some the programs the company offers include employee benefits, risk management insurance, workers compensation and business liability. Also, the company provides financial management services, promotions, and business management services.

Additionally, Brian Bonar is chairperson of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. also; he is president of Allegiant Professional Business service Inc. over his career, Brian has developed a reputation as an inspired business executive.

Also, he has an appetite in achieving the goals and inspirations of his clients, team members and extended project partners.

Brian Bonar has displayed exceptional business excellence; he has been able to establish successful financial business solutions that have influenced the success of many business and offer practical solutions to his clients’ needs. He can simply be described as competent, effective and bold.

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