Freshpet Pushes for Healthy Dog Food Industry

We have seen the tides change in the world of dog food manufacturing over the better part of the last decade or so. In the early days of the dog food industry, obviously longer ago than just this past decade, the industry was fairly lax in terms of quality. Nowadays, in the age of facebook, everyone knows everything about the food that they are buying. This has obviously opened the door for pet food companies to focus on creating a product that is so healthy that owners have to go ahead on Wal-Mart stores and buy it for their pets.
Richard Thompson is the CEO of Freshpet and one of the leading pioneers in this new healthy dog food craze. To demonstrate how healthy and well made his dog food is the CEO is willing to walk onto the factory floor and take a piece of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey mix right off of the belt, popping it into his mouth with a satisfying smile. The above story actually happened at their factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during a tour and it only highlights how important quality is in the $24 billion dollar pet food industry.

Pet owners want to know that their pets are getting quality food and this means seriously ramping up the dial on quality ingredients. Companies like Freshput are pushing the envelop and forcing the rest of the industry to adapt. Now we’re industry favorites like Beneful take the idea and run with it. Nowadays companies like Beneful are making dog food that is so good you could sit it on a plate and take a bit out of it yourself and not know it was made for your pooch.

The biggest difference, for Nestle Purina Store and Freshpet as well as other companies, is that there is a real focus on getting rid of preservatives and utilizing fresh, quality ingredients. It’s common knowledge that Beneful was one of the first companies to ever put real meat into their dog food so it doesn’t surprise us to see that the company has taken it to the next level by making some of the best dog food products available ( actually taste good.

Thor Halvorssen Takes It Upon Himself To Talk About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is changing the populist message for President by telling people that he wants to help them with their tax dollars, but he has been accused of being a communist for it. A lot of people have taken offense to that because that is not his platform at all, and Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation took it upon himself to explain to Fox News what Bernie Sanders actually stands for.

There are a lot of versions of socialism, but what Bernie Sanders is for is not communism. Thor Halvorssen has seen a lot of terrible things as a result of communism, but he knows that that is not what Bernie Sanders is all about. He gave a name for what Bernie Sanders wants, and that term is democratic socialism.

Bernie Sanders wants people who pay taxes to see where their tax money went, and he wants to know that every person is getting the services they deserve with that money. It is pretty easy for him to accomplish this, but he has to get past the wrong perception first. Thor Halvorssen can show people terrible socialist governments, but those countries do not have free elections or human rights for their citizens. Mr. Halvorssen is more concerned about countries where communism has gone wild and the money for the government goes to the ruling family.

America will not turn into one of the countries that Thor Halvorssen is concerned about, and he wants everyone in America to make an informed choice instead of just saying that Bernie Sanders is a communist. He wants people to have a real disagreement instead of calling each other names, and he wants people to know that they are not helping the process by mislabeling Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders could help a lot of people, and Thor Halvorssen hopes to see a change in his work with the human Rights Foundation after the election.

William Skelley Appointed to Become the Head of Next Generation of Real Estate Leader

Real estate investments are very profitable, and everyone wants to have a share in these companies. However, the amount of capital required to invest in these kinds of business is quite high, and many individuals cannot afford it. The cost of life has gone up, and a lot of money is required for the day to day activities, making it impossible for many people to invest in real estate companies from their savings.

However, the new invention in real estate industry has changed everything. Thanks to crowdfunding, it is now very easy for individuals to invest in these expensive investments using very little. Crowdfunding means that people with the same ideas come together to collect their money and invest it to earn a good amount of money at the end of the day. The money for the project is collected online, and since the introduction of the whole idea, many people in the world have benefited from it.

Crowdfunding has done quite well in the countries that allow money to be collected online. Countries like America are making a lot of progress in the real estate industry due to this invention, and many other countries have adapted the idea. There are some regulations required for a country to collect money online, and America has managed to pass these regulations.

iFunding is one of the crowdfunding companies in the world. The company is based in the United States of America, and it was started by one William Skelley. William has a lot of expertise in this area, and he has brought a platform where people from all walk of life come together and invest safely in real estate industry.

Recently, William Skelley was appointed to a similar position in the real estate industry. An organization known as Next Real Estate Leaders appointed him to become its leader. The organization is believed to have been started by one Michael Stroler. The organization was started recently, and it only managed to have its first dinner this year in January. The main aim of the organization is to empower leaders in the real estate industry. The members of the organization are people from different real estate companies in the country. Michael is a famous TV host who also specializes in real estate issues. His show has been in existence for more than fifteen seasons, and it is dedicated to real estate activities too. his contributions are very important in the competitive industry.  For a little background on iFunding, check out a Facebook Q & A that Skelley ran for interested investors.

Rationing and Shortages are Severely Impacting the Venezuelan Population

Economic difficulties in Venezuela have led to severe rationing and shortages, which are having a serious impact on the people there. Medical supplies, prescription drugs, birth control products, and even electricity have been limited. The reduced availability of medicines according to David Osio has lead to the creation of a call center where patients can check in to find out the location of a pharmacy that might have the medications that they need. This lack of prescription drugs has impacted the ability of women to buy birth control pills, which have seemingly disappeared off the market. The option of condoms was finally brought back after some time, but they are sold for such high prices that few can afford them. Many people including Mr. Osio are concerned this will lead to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The rationing has also impacted the utilities of businesses and homes. Recently, over 100 malls were asked to close down part of the day to save electricity. No one knows when the rationing and shortages will end.


Is Wen by Chaz Right for You?

Everyone has heard of the hair product known as WEN by Chaz. There is virtually no individual that has stayed up late at night who hasn’t seen the QVC commercial running. However, not everyone has actually used the product. Therefore, when a person that writes for recently tried it, it was interesting to see what the results would be. This article is essentially a recap of that particular article, which can be found at, which details the results that this particular individual experienced throughout the time that she was trying the product.

She spent a week giving Wen a try, waking up early each morning so that she could work the product through her hair and shower. She commented that the first thing she noticed was that she had to use roughly four times as much of the product as she did her normal hair care products, according to the directions on the back of the bottle. She also stated that this made her a little nervous, but she had already made the commitment so she was willing to try.

The first couple of days, she realized that if she failed to wash her hair every morning that it would be extremely oily and unmanageable. However, she also commented that as long as she got up and showered in the morning, working the product through her hair each day, it became softer and shinier.  All in all, she concluded that WEN might not be the best product for someone that doesn’t wash their hair on a daily basis because the hair tends to get oily if it isn’t cleansed daily. Otherwise, she found that it made her hair more manageable, much fuller and that less hair tended to fall out when she showered.