Fashion and beauty rules Doe Deere loves to break

Doe Deere is the creator of the wildly popular makeup line, Lime Crime. The line promotes itself as ‘makeup for unicorns,’ and its founder lives that mantra.

Living by unicorn standards can butt up against conventional fashion rules. Below are the rules Doe loves to break daily.

Pairing bold eyes and lips has been a no-no for longer than anyone can remember. The clash of the two creates an image that’s less than desirable.
The desire to mix and match colors outweighs that opinion. Doe says she loves to wear colors that make her happy. If they happen to be all bold colors, then so be it.
Combining too many colors at once creates a look that pits colors against one another. Since colors are obviously vying for attention, this has become a fashion faux pas.
Doe Deere overcomes this complication by sticking to color coordination as the focal point. If the colors have complimentary hues, and are coordinated, you can pull it off.
Mixing patterns causes the same outrage as mixing colors. It’s an advanced level of breaking the fashion rules. Much like colors, mixing patterns eases its way into the ok category when patterns are in the same color family. Doe believes there’s no wrong way to pair patterns. Just be sure to keep them complimentary.
Open toed shoes shouldn’t be worn with socks has been dubbed as ‘grandma chic.’ Doe owns over 100 pairs and says her garments feel incomplete without a statement sock.
Covering them with closed toed shoes defeats the purpose of the pattern. They’re meant to be displayed; even if it is through the toe of a shoe.
Only wear neutrals if you hair is a bold color. Doe Deere was one of the first to rock rainbow hair. Having unicorn hair wasn’t going to mean she was confined to neutral makeup. She makes it work by paying attention to the intensity of the hair color when choosing makeup and clothes.
Dress your age to prevent looking inappropriate. Your age shouldn’t dictate what you can or can’t wear. 22 year olds wear ‘grandma chic’ looks all the time. So why can’t 45 year olds rock tutus?
Only wear event appropriate clothes. Doe believes clothes are made to be enjoyed, so if you feel like wearing a cocktail dress on a Wednesday, then go for it!

Growing Up in the Hermit Country: Why One Family Fled North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a bright and beautiful young woman. She is a college student, an author, and a human rights activist. Unlike most people her age, Yeonmi is a defector. She and her family fled the rule of Kim Jong-un and turned their backs on North Korea.

Yeonmi, today, enjoys a comfortable life in Seoul, South Korea. Life wasn’t always joyous for Yeonmi and her family. The Parks lived near Hyesan where Mr. Park worked as a civil servant, and Mrs. Park worked as a nurse while Yeonmi and her older sister, Eunmi, attended school.

“We were only taught what the regime wanted or us to know,” Yeonmi reflected. “We did not learn things like one apple minus one apple is zero apples. They taught us if there are five American ambassadors and North Korea killed four, how many American ambassadors are left?”

Yeonmi and her family were subjected to the cruel tactics of the Kim regime. Yeonmi was raised to keep her thoughts, opinions, and emotions well-guarded.

“My mother told me that the birds could hear me,” Yeonmi said. “She said that they would tell the regime everything. I believed most of my life that Kim Jong-un could read my mind.”

The people of North Korea were often left without electricity. The country had a single, government-controlled television station and most homes did not have running water. Outside films, music and electronics were outlawed and possessing them was a crime punishable by hard labor or death. Yeonmi herself witnessed the execution of a family friend after the woman had viewed a James Bond film.

“North Koreans are taught that the most honorable thing to do is to die for the regime,” Yeonmi said, solemnly.

Eunmi fled North Korea shortly before Yeonmi Park and her mother. The two were guided by smugglers who took advantage of the pair once they had crossed into China. They were raped and enslaved but freed years later. They fled from China to South Korea, where they discovered the freedom that they had only seen in illegal films.

“My father died never knowing that this sort of democracy existed in the world,” Yeonmi said on The Reason. “We did not know such freedoms could exist. We have found heaven; this is paradise.”



North Korean Defector Now Must Defend Her Defection

It was not enough that 13 year old Yeonmi Park and her mother survived the agonizing trek from North Korea through the Gobi desert, across China’s mountains before finally arriving as debilitated refugees in South Korea. Pyongyang immediately issued warrants for their arrest and published propaganda disparaging their life stories and defection from North Korea.

Valor Cannot Be Blackened

The North Korean propaganda machine has been churning to destroy Yeonmi Park’s valoe in the eyes of the Western World ever since she and her mother first stepped onto free land. The outside viewer of the personal attacks upon a mere child by the dictator of her former country cannot avoid wondering why he would expend so much energy attempting to destroy one small girl? Her story gains credibility most rapidly due to the attempts by Pyongyang to erase it. The most striking proof of Yeonmi Park’s story of her life in North Korea is the length the dictator goes to in effort to discredit a young girl who did nothing but leave his country, losing her father to death during the escape.

Refugees Do Not Attain Refuge Easily

One only has to view the Reason news media and examine the accounts of other refugees willing to risk their lives in arduous escapes every day to realize that leaving oppression is not simply a matter of walking through a sentry gate. Deep scarring losses are always endured by the defecting party in the attempt to reach refuge. Yeonmi Park‘s ability to come this far successfully is to be acknowledged with assistance, praise and welcome.

Yeonmi Asks for Nothing But Existance in Freedom

Young Yeonmi Park has asked the Western World and her new country of South Korea for nothing but asylum’s access to a free life, abundant food and peace. She and her mother deserve so very much more.


The 2nd International Online Friendship Day and Survey Results

The second annual International Online Friendship Day is right around the corner. This is the day that has been set aside for those who participate in social media or active emailing and like to recognize the friends that they have made online. Antone who has friends online that they may never meet in person know how important these relationships are in their lives. In this year 2016, the Internet connects the world, and the friends that are made online are just as real as those in the brick and mortar world, and Online Friendship Day is the day to officially celebrate these friends.

The global app that spearheads internet relationships is SKOUT, and this app is designed to help the user meet people around the world easily. In today’s culture, technology makes the world go ’round, and no one wants to be left out. No longer is it an option not to have a computer, cell phone or other electronic equipment. When you use these every day, you can’t help but meet people participating on the same websites with the same interests as you. Friendships are developed that are significant to both parties.

Many people rely on those they meet and know online, and SKOUT is a great app to build relationships. CEO and co-founder of SKOUT is Christian Wiklund. Mr. Wiklund created SKOUT to allow its users to connect with friends across the globe, and better yet, to keep in touch with them.

This year Skout International created an online friendship survey in honor of the new annual holiday. With over 600 million connections in 2015, they contacted 23,000 people around the world for the survey. Some of the information that was discovered includes:

1) three out of four people who use the Internet have an online friend that they don’t know in person.
2) Most people surveyed have at least five online friends, and 80 percent would like to meet them in real life.
3) Three-fifths of Americans surveyed say they have at least five online friends, and two-thirds report they have over 10 all across the globe.
4) Over half of the Americans surveyed say they have friends online who live in another country.
5) The mobile or cell phone is the most common means of communication, and at least 60 percent report that they communicate daily with their online friends.

Contact your online friends on International Online Friendship Day.

Winter Fundraiser For Animals

A Winter Fundraiser on January 13, 2016, was incited by renowned New York Attorney Ross Abelow to benefit the city’s homeless and abandoned animals.

His set goal is to reach $5000.00 to present to various animal shelters throughout the city, to make it possible for these facilities to pay for food,medical care and provide warm blankets for the deserted and most undefended animals in their care.

Most certainly this precious and noble financial gift will undoubtedly assist, so many helpless and mistreated innocent animals and give them a second chance to live.

This fundraiser’s heartfelt and humane intent is to assist these shelters to make the impossible happen, to save animals lives.

Wintertime is especially harsh and detrimental on these abandoned animals because the temperatures fall drastically and of course it snows, so it becomes an agonizing ordeal just to survive and see another day, and maybe the remote possibility of a rescue.

Unfortunately, and sadly enough for many of these hopeless and defenseless animals help does not arrive and their unnecessary and undeserving death is imminent. It is an absolute tragedy which can be avoided if you think about it.

There are numerous reasons for these and all animals everywhere to be left outside neglected and unattended, such as lack of space, financial difficulties or simple human cruelty which is the most common.

People just change their minds about their cat or dog and senselessly abandon them without a conscience, or sheer regret.

This is such unnecessary cruelty imposed on a human trusting animal who offers companionship and unconditional unselfish love, and all they ask for in return is respect,kindness,a warm dry bed, food, and the cordial loving touch of the human hand and a lifelong relationship.

Ross Abelow is an undergraduate of the State University of New York and subsequently earned his law degree at Brooklyn Law School in 1989.
He was ultimately licensed by the New York State Bar in 1990.

The 26 years of his law practice became evident when he became a law partner of the Law Firm of Abelow and Cassando,LLP
Even though he is a civil rights attorney his main objective is geared towards family law,matrimonial law,entertainment law,and commercial litigation.

During his free time he posts articles to blogs and Crown Point, New York, additionally his personal blog concentrates profoundly on financial and legal aspects, he’s also active on Facebook and Mashable.

South Africans are Using Twitter to Fight for Social Change published an article by Imaan Latief and Robin Henney titled “’Woke Twitter’ blew whistle on racist twits.” In South Africa, Woke Twitter exposed racists comments that were made by three people, one of whom was suspended as an analyst for Standard Bank. Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart and Justin van Vuuren are being accused of using racially offensive language to impair the dignity of black people and are now facing charges. Woke Twitter is becoming a consciousness movement that is challenging racial, sexual and gender stereotypes.

Woke Twitter is a South African collective movement exposing racist and sexist social media posts that is using #BlackLivesMatter and South Africa’s #RhodesMustFall campaigns for inspiration. “Woke” means being aware of the real issues, targeting displays of racism and sexism, and identifying anyone who does not want to see true transformation in South Africa. The “Twitactivist” who are at the forefront of the Twitter mobilization efforts are able to use hashtags to generate support from hundreds of thousands of Twitter users against people they deem to be fighting against social change. In some cases, “Twitactivists” are able to cause people to lose their jobs or face intense public scrutiny.

Brenda Wardle made a comment on this subject stating Penny Sparrow and others have the right to freedom of speech according to the South African constitution, but they do not have the right to violate the dignity of other human beings. Brenda Wardle is a native South African who is a legal analyst and Chief Operations Officer of Wardle College of Law. She has several law degrees and is currently working towards a Doctorate of Laws degree. She is a widely published legal scholar and is frequently sought after by radio and TV outlets who want to get her views on the latest legal issues that affect South Africa.

Recently Brenda lent her expertise to the media during the Oscar Pistorius trial for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. She was seen on TV stations around the world including Fox News in the US and Channel Five in the UK where she helped to explain the South African legal system to people who were not familiar with it. Her comments about South Africa’s constitution regarding freedom of speech as it relates to human dignity have been very informative. The Woke Twitter article can be found at