Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson went to Washington University in St. Louis and later graduated with a law degree from American University. He used to study for the law degree at night due to his full time job as a journalist with the Washington Star. He originates from a Jewish family and spent his early days in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is a businessperson based in the US, a former NBA team owner and is renowned for his philanthropic activities. Together with Ed Peskowitz, Bruce Levenson formed the Atlanta Spirit LLC back in 2004 and used it to by the Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was at that time under the ownership of Turner Broadcasting. Buying the NBA team also meant that they would have to take over Atlanta Thrashers that is categorized as an NFL team. However, they sold Atlanta Thrashers in 2011. Bruce Levenson has since been on NBA’s Board of Governors first as a representing member of Atlanta Hawks but later as an ex-official. Humble Beginnings Bruce Levenson formed the United Communication Group also known as UCG in 1977 together with Ed Peskowitz. The company started as a newsletter publisher in the oil industry but has since developed wings to other industries such as energy, technology, healthcare, telecommunication, and mortgage banking just to mention but a few. In addition, UCG has come up with a mobile application that informs drivers where to get the lowest gas price depending on their location. Bruce Levenson serves as a board member of TechTarget and Electronic Publishers Association. He also advises the BIA Digital Partner and featured in the 1977 Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame. The first general manager and president of basketball operation for Atlanta Hawks when Atlanta Spirit LLC bought it was Danny Ferry. He came to the picture in 2012 and considering his was once a professional player with Cleveland Cavalier and later became their manager before becoming San Antonio Spurs’ vice president, the duo thought he would do well with the team. One of the experiences that Bruce Levenson may not forget is accompanying the team to visit the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. His mother-in-law is a survivor and this not only made it personal but he was also able to speak with the team. However, later in 2012, he decided to sell his ownership shares for the team stating that the African-American fan base for the team was going down. He has involved an investment-banking firm to help with the sale. Philanthropic Activities Bruce Levenson is known for his philanthropic works including the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., I Have a Dream Foundation, Washington chapter, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, the SEED Foundation, and Seeds of Peace. He also participates with the Birthright Israel, Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, and the Jewish Foundation. As of 2013, he was among other prominent American Jews who advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work closely with US Secretary of State.

Handcrafted Italian Leather Shoes From Naples Will Allow You To Show Your Craft Of High Quality

Men’s shoes continue to be versatile, in style and comfort. It should always be known that you get what you pay for in respect to shoes but especially men’s shoes. So it is well worth the investment in a good quality pair of shoes. It is recommended that you buy more than one pair of shoes. Buy three different colors and styles in order to have great success, in variety in your wardrobe. Some men wear the same pair of shoes but that leaves for easy wear out of the shoes. It is said to be important to rotate shoes as it is not only better for the shoes but also your feet.

What is hot for the winter of 2015 in men’s shoes greatly depends on the style. This winter however one of the best styles is the Paul Evans handcrafted Italian leather. The reason for this is they are much more durable and especially in cold weather climates. Durability and style are trademarks of the Paul Evans brand. The Paul Evans brand also shows a touch of class and richness that is lacking in other brands. They have many styles and are all hand crafted in Naples Italy. Gorgeous shoes Paul Evans did the work for you. All you need to do is go on line browse and pick out your favorite. There is no doubt the hand crafted look will have you coming back for more than one pair.

A particular style that is suited for dress wear at work is the Brando Semi Brogue Oxford. This particular shoe comes in three different colors: Cognac, Nero and Oxblood. You just can’t go wrong adding these three colors to your collection. After all every man needs at least two handsome pairs of shoes to wear with different clothes. It is recommended to have both the black and one other color. Other styles available are the Cagney cap and the Martin Whole cap among many others. The Newman Chukka Boot come up to the ankles and leave an impression on everyone in their path. These are also known to be highly polished shoes which leave the wearer with a strong manly shoe not expected in other brands. The ideal shoe for business fashion. They also have many other more casual styles.

In casual offerings they offer the casual high top sneaker. This is not a cheap and flashy canvas but made of the same handcrafted fine Italian leather. There is no letting any man down with this strong quality. They are first in their league of shoes and sharing them with those you love is so important. Paul Evans offer shoes for every occasion and the quality that sets the bar will not let you down ever.

Home Cleaning Services You Can Count On

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Cleaning Services from can really be very fulfilling because they give homeowners that sense of pride in having a clean home. There were times in life when I felt like a bad mother. I used to wonder if anyone was judging me because my home was not clean. Over time I would find that I was becoming depressed with trying to keep the house in order while I worked. I could not do it all. The great thing that I realized was that I didn’t have to do it all. I could just spend my time with my family while I got someone in place that could do a much better job. This was a better plan as far as I am concerned. I don’t regret this decision. 

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Why Advertising Companies in Brazil have Attracted Many People

Over the years, many advertising agencies have emerged in Brazil providing wide range of advertising opportunities to the larger population. The development of the internet has facilitated the process of advertising by providing the necessary platforms for executing business ideas. These agencies have also provided employment opportunities to many people across the world. Digital migration has also contributed a great deal in promoting the advertising agencies on the global limelight. These agencies have developed and are providing services to the entire Brazilian nation. As a result, advertising companies have led to the development of economic growth in Brazil. They have also made the country to develop interest in other business sectors across the globe. As such, Brazil is one of the most recognized business partners among many countries in the world. The good working conditions have led many countries to develop interest in Brazilian economic development. China has invested in advertising agencies in Sao Paulo Brazil where they have developed an advertising agency geared towards promoting football and other sports activities. These initiatives have made them to hold world sports championships and recently the FIFA World Cup. The agencies have also invested in notable personalities like Ronald to further strengthen their advertising capabilities. The success of the advertising agencies in Brazil has been necessitated with the increased population. The country is the fifth most populated in the world with over 200million people who have provided a steady customer base for advertisement.

Claudio Loureiro is one of the leading advertising personalities in Brazil. He has over 21 years experience in the world of advertising which has made him to be recognized in the world. He was the proprietor and led to the development of the Heads Propaganda which is the largest advertising company in the country. His vision of changing the perception of people about Rio de Janeiro as a hostile and violent city necessitated the development of the company. The company was established to revive the lost glory of the city and to bring investors back to the city. The company has been associated with production of advertisement strategies that are geared towards advertising different factors that benefit the general population. As such, the company has increased the number of customers over the years. Claudio Loureiro has a wide experience in the world of communication and public relations after graduating from Boston University. He later developed interest in studying Direct Marketing Association from the Georgia University in Atlanta. These vast skills have made him to be recognized as an important personality in the advertisement field.